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You Believe Too Much
Slip on my nike's, and my crinkled blue wind breaker.
They don't know these are what I wear to keep warm.
Out the door, a quarter past seven. Twenty minutes till town,
Till actual civilization.
They call this place the boonies, the land of the lost,
Or is it just The Last Frontier?
Can't remember which was more accurate,
Being secluded, or blazing trails.
A few steps from the porch my lungs recognize the sharp, icy air
Deep inhale, then let it out.
Breath billowing, visible for a brief moment.
It's only September, but the frost is already settling in.
Few more steps towards the frigid green dodge.
The fallen leaves crackle and crunch under my already light step.
It's only September and I haven't re-dyed that hair streak.
Pink, for more than just a fad.
Only September, and Sabrina comes home this month.
Her strength brought warmth to school last fall
Her struggle and strife a thing I wouldn't wish on my dearest enemy.
A disease malignant in nature.
Cancer like this forest that consumes
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One Beautiful Day..
You were the highlight of my summer
You were the voice inside my head
But now when I hear your name
My heart fills with dread.
That sandy-blonde hair
Those baby-blue eyes
I really thought
You weren't like other guys.
But as Summer faded
And Autumn rolled
Something changed
As my friends already foretold.
Life was moving
Slipping through the cracks
Pieces kept surfacing
Unrealized facts.
You left me
Without even a decent good-bye
I clinged to all I had
I managed to try.
I couldn't function
My head wasn't straight
Everything halted
To an unmoving rate.
But I didn't hate you
That's still something I can't do
My heart aches
Even though you don't feel it too.
I can't wish things never happened
I just hope, and pray
You find what you were looking for
One beautiful day...
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Not so far away
Just hold me once more
Before I depart
For my life is far away
And this fairy tale will eventually end
Please don't let go just yet
I'll lean a little closer
Close your eyes
This feels right
Standing in front of you
Feeling completely complete
Don't you know that I love you
Makes this goodbye so bittersweet
A little while longer
And I'll once again be in your strong arms
Leaning so close; Not so far away
:iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0
Blue eyes holding back by KHWB Blue eyes holding back :iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0 Apple Eye by KHWB Apple Eye :iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0 You are my Sunshine by KHWB You are my Sunshine :iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0 Angel by another name by KHWB Angel by another name :iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0
Don't Need You
I don't need you
So swing batta batta
'Cause I'm sure you're gonna miss
A fleeting heart once you steal that home-run
You just run with it
So swing batta batta
You're on your last strike
Swing batta batta
One more out, the game is over
Too bad you're too far down for it to count
So swing batta batta
We both know it won't help.
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That which is mere suspicion
leads fools to make false claims
Changes friendships into lost causes
leaves those left behind
When the reason to believe is forged
conclusions are made and araigned quickly
Testimony not heard clear
till sorrow fills their empty souls
Lest there be hope for tomorrow
that the clean slate be presented.
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Love Isn't Just a Lie
When Broken hearted stand up
to say it's a lie.
I have to believe in my heart
and rise to reject such words.
Playing boys used to be my high
but you changed the game for me.
Gave me a dose of something.
I can't get enough.
Though we have parted
and our love ended on a sour note.
The time we shared let me know
that love is real.
You showed me that.
Once in love always in love
not always the case
but love is always never ending.
I'd face a thousand years of pain
just to have something like that again.
To feel like my place is filled.
And that I'm really wanted.
I pray
that one day we'll both be happy.
Maybe not together
but still know I will always love you.
Because love is real.
I've felt it.
And now, thanks to you,
I truly believe it.
:iconkhwb:KHWB 0 0
That One Time
To that time you looked at me.
That first day in April.
It changed the way I saw myself.
No words exchanged.
But knowing your name was enough.
I was hooked; Unfortunate.
Can't change that.
To that time you saw me from the field.
Waiting as you made that first pitch.
A left handed curve.
You looked up and smiled sweetly.
After the final out.
You came and saw me.
The dirt still glued to your face.
To that time you held me close.
Only a month later.
Tender and careful.
Unlike anyone before.
I gave myself to you and that moment.
Nothing I'd tried before.
You took it, and I let you.
To that first time you left.
"Just a week".
After that seven days I'd lost you.
A quick, final loss to that game.
Only a single injury between both.
You were unmarked.
She had won, and you took my innocence with you.
To that time I'd told you.
Even though it changed nothing.
Time had done its damage.
The way you looked at me marred for good.
Shameful. Pitied.
Changed nothing.
Left me vulnerable and used.
To that
:iconkhwb:KHWB 0 0
Baseball the soundtrack of my summer
The crack of the bat
After a left handed pitch
My heart pounded every time.
Off-set cringe my spine received
As soft droplets hit sharp blades
Darkened skies
Left disappointed looks hinged on faces.
Fans shifted towards the exit
A game ended quickly
Drenched bleachers
Muddy field.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
:iconkhwb:KHWB 0 0
I could really use a wish
If we could pretend airplanes were shooting stars
Just for one night
I'd pretend we weren't so far
And take away that meaningless fight
We can't take back what was said
You showed to be a real jerk
I was accusing, which only to your ignorance led
But I still believe that this can work
This is hard on my heart
No words been spoken, since
But I can't map anything out like a chart
What ever happened to a second chance?
So maybe that's all I've been give
When it pours it really rains
Just know I'm sorry, and we've got to keep livin'
So leave me for now to keep wishing on planes
:iconkhwb:KHWB 1 2
Locks and Keys
Its easier to be lost
than found.
The reason we search
seldom unveiled.
Vast amounts of locks
not enough keys.
:iconkhwb:KHWB 1 0
Against All Odds
Brand new day
Fresh start
Giddy expressions
As garage door lifts
A new toy
A talent to be learned
Wheeled metal mass
Rolls out of storage
He places on his hat
Then holds the seat firmly
Beckons for me to get on
"Let's go." He utters
"Don't let go." I beg
For him to promise
Light chuckle and
"We'll see" He returns
Grab the rubber covered handles
Heave myself on
Feet on pedals
"Just push forward."
Slowly the wheels begin to turn
Circular motion begins
Pedaling faster, harder
He jogs behind; Doesn't let go
Childish laughter springs to life
Feeling free; Almost flying
Forgetting the presence behind
He releases the seat
"Oh no!"
Wobbling. Trembling. Teetering.
To a crashing fall
Scraping against asphalt
Ego and body
Frightened in pain
Legs wrapped in metal chain
Why did he let go?
I wasn't ready
He lied
Grumpy glower
He smiles regardless
Urges to try again
I sigh
I suppose
Its only right
Get back on
And never give up
:iconkhwb:KHWB 0 0
The Nest 3 by KHWB The Nest 3 :iconkhwb:KHWB 0 0


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United States
Current Residence: my appartment
Favourite genre of music: Country
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy
Personal Quote: Be not afraid of Greatness; Some are born Great, Some acheive Greatness, And Some have Greatness thr
Well, one, its been a LONG time since the last journal entry. I've never been good at keeping a journal any how. Secondly I haven't updated much, added a few poems, but other than that and some old acrylic work I've been pretty lacking in both time and inspiration. Lame sauce!

This is mainly just an update for those who actually follow me, and of course all of those friends that I've lost touch with over the years. That is if they are even on their DA accounts. Any way...

Life's been quite hectic as always. What else can you expect, right?
I'm currently unemployed. Not such a great thing for a poor college student. And on top of that I'm moving. Transferring colleges to be closer to some friends. Plus the whole apartment arrangement just isn't working for me anymore. I have roommates that like to have people over at all hours of the night. Greeeeeaaat stuff! Not...

I've been preoccupied with finding a job in the mean time, along with other personal family related issues.

My little brother graduated a few weeks ago! Got to watch him walk up in that goofy bag like dress, the same kind I did a few years back. XD It was quite funny. But, ah, I love him! And I am so proud of him, I've been beaming for weeks. :D

But on the artz side of things... Well?? idk.

Hah! I've been working on things in my mind, concentrating on country music sort of inspirations. Must have to do with the location I'm re-locating to. XD Some day I'll have a few new acrylic paintings up. Hopefully they'll be something skilled. -lol-

But for all of my friends, I meeeesssshh chu!!
  • Listening to: Crazy Girl - Eli YOung Band
  • Reading: This thingy
  • Watching: noffin
  • Eating: chow mein. :3
  • Drinking: chai tea!


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